================================================================================================LOGODESIGNMADEEASYWITHPOWERPOINT – FORPCUSERS================================================================================================DIDYOUKNOW?You can create beautiful logo designs in Microsoft PowerPoint and not just boring slideshows! You don’t need to be an artist or a designer to createexcellent logos. The best ones are simple – often just a word or a shape.And if you have creativity by your side, you can use PowerPoint as your canvas to design logos that get the message across with almost zero fuss!================================================================================================NOEXPENSIVESOFTWARE!NOPRIOREXPERIENCENEEDED!================================================================================================WHYTAKETHISCOURSE?In this course, well provide a step-by-step process to create 5different types of logos using various fonts and shapes in MicrosoftPowerPoint (for PC users).Right from choosing color themes and fonts, to merging shapes and exporting vector logos. well cover it all!This is a complete hands-on course with various exercises and wepromise you its going to be a lot of fun!================================================================================================So, lets dive in right away. Well see you on the other side!