Logo Designing for Your Business in an Hour



THIS IS A GENUINE SKILLS TRAINING. IT IS A BRIEF COURSE, AND AFTER STUDYING IT YOULL EASILY SAVE MONEY DESIGNING YOUR BUSINESS LOGO EVEN IF YOU ARE DOING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME. -0-0-0-0-0-0- On an average I get offers to design about 3 logos every working day from local sources, making it 15 in a week. That’s a good opportunity to make money on the side. However I cannot give more time because my main job is solving content needs for businesses. I want to tell you that you too can create your business logo easily, and in less than an hour. Now, you might say youre not a designer. My answer is, thats good. You can still create logos in just a few minutes, and you can make money as I do. Why am I so confident? Because I too am NOT a designer. So, for this course, being a designer is not an issue really to create business logo. The point is, with the tools available for use, any non-designer can create logo easily. And this is what I show you in this course. The icing on the cake is, I also show you how to make stunning call-to-action or CTA buttons on the fly. As you learn my lessons, give yourself just half a day and create some 50 to 60 assorted ready-to-use CTA buttons. Now group them in a bundle and sell it at a throwaway price of just $3-5. You may be in for a surprise…making more money than logo designing. Well, my courses are full of values, and completely devoid of any fluffy, time-wasting lessons. When you buy this course, you will exactly learn what I promise creating awesome logos and CTA buttons in minutes. All the best. P.S. By the way, this course offers you 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. You lose nothing if you think the course is not up to your expectations. Still waiting!