Loosen up & paint this lavender field in 5 watercolor steps.



Paint this spontaneous and vibrant lavender fields painting in FIVEeasy watercolour steps. Just look over my shoulder andcopywhat I do.So many watercolourpainters tell me they would like to ‘loosen up’. Well, discover how easy it can be to do just that withyour paintingstyle. Try it, you willhave more fun and getmore exciting results with your watercolours too.I give you FIVEeasy to follow steps, working with only two brushes and a limited colour palette. It couldn’t be easier. Let go of an preconceived thoughts about presentation and detail and just go with the flow.Let you heart control you brush and let your colours play with the water. You will be very surprised at the result. And don’t forget to share you findings with the rest of us.Why choose one of my courses?Because, as a self taught artist I understand how a lot of people feel about their creative work, sometimes anxious, sometimes overwhelmed and often that it’s not ‘good enough’. I will hold your hand as you overcome these fears as I offer a friendly, relaxed and sensitive teaching style.I also have years of experience of teaching people of all levels both in person and via the internet.Do one of my courses and you will feel as if I am in the room with you every step of the way.Enjoy your painting, love Nicola