Magazine Design: Start your own magazine in less than 24hrs



In this course you will learn the correct way to design a magazine from a profession magazine designer. Where to find great free content for your magazine legally – both images and words. Also, how to market you magazine and what platforms are available to publish your magazine online.Learn to Produce a High Quality Magazine in this Comprehensive Course Learn to design magazine pages in IndesignFind best websites to source free content legallyHow to market your magazine for maximum resultsLearning how to design a magazine puts you in a very powerful position to earn a great income online. Online magazines are very under saturated. The apple newsstand has an estimated 5000 magazines. To give you a comparison their app store has 1.4 million apps. So now is the perfect time to grab your place on the newsstand.Let me answer a few questions on publishing a magazine online….Are there templates included with this course?Yes, I have included a 24 page magazine template.I have no idea what subject to create my magazine around can you help?Yes, there is a module that explains the exact process I go through to find a good niche to create a magazine.Do I need my own content?No, I will show you where to download both free content and images.Do I need to buy any software to produce the magazine?No, I will show where to download software that has a free 30 day trial more than enough time to produce your first magazine and get it earning money. What about getting traffic to my magazine?If you decide to upload to Apple newsstand they already have huge traffic. I will also show you methods I have used to get visitors to my magazine.Are there any other costs?No, you can publish your magazine for free. The only cost is if you choose to publish on apple Newsstand (costs $99). This isn't necessary although is a great choice of platform.Do I need to be a designer?No, you don't need to be a designer. The lessons are design for a total beginner.What if I want to produce a printed magazine should I buy this course?Yes, the principles are the exact same. Just follow the course and when comes to output you will send to the printers rather than an online publishing platform.Why should I buy this course rather than other magazine design courses on Udemy?This course is designed by a professional magazine designer. Other courses may show you how produce a magazine but if the instructor is not a magazine designer there will be basic design mistakes.Content and Overview This course contains over 25 lectures and 1 hour 30 minutes of content. It is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wishes to produce a magazine from concept right through to publishing the magazine on an online platform.Students will learn the basics of Indesign that will enable them to produce a high quality magazine. Simply put at the end of the course you will be able to produce a magazine from start to finish. You'll know how to find a great unsaturated niche, produce the magazine in Indesign and what publishing platform to release your magazine on. Also included with course is Indesign magazine templates that will give an excellent head start in producing your first magazine.What am I going to get from this course?Over 1 hour and 30 minutes of content over 29 lecturesHow to find perfect niche to create your magazine aroundLearn magazine design from a profession magazine page designerSuitable for total beginners as you don't even need to own any softwareFree Indesign magazine templatesBreaks the whole process down in to simple easy to understand steps