What I’m about to share with you is especially important if you’re an author, speaker, teacher, musician, artist, coach, consultant or other type of creative entrepreneur … AND you want to generate more income from your talents and know-how.I’m Bob Baker, and for most of my adult life I’ve been self-employed in the arts – as an author, musician, visual artist, and improv comedy instructor and performer.If you know anything about creative fields, you know that making a living in the arts is NOT that common. Yet I’ve been able to do it.Yes, I create high-quality books and experiences for my readers and fans. But I truly believe one of my biggest secrets to full-time success is the skill I’ve honed at copywriting and sales.The way you describe your product or service, and the specific offers you make to your fans, make all the difference in your ability to generate income.But this isn’t a skill that comes easily to most people. I’ve spent more than 25 years refining and putting into practice the authentic sales tactics that work for me.And now I’d like to teach these principles to you.That’s why I created the Magnetic Copywriting Formula course. It will show you how to …Craft Descriptions and Sales Offers That Attract Fans and Compel Them to Buy Now!Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:How to write effective sales page headlines that grab attention and inspire your fans to learn moreThe #1 most important word you need to include in any sales messageHow to craft magnetic sales offers (and the key aspects that most people mistakenly leave out)An inside look at a simple promotion I ran that generated $3,976 in just 5 daysThe three types of fans and prospects to be aware of (and why you need all three)Your two main goals when selling (most marketers miss the boat on this one)The most powerful motivator to use when persuading people to buyThe two types of offers that always get people to buy now … instead of laterHow to uncover what your fans really crave and are willing to pay forThe four traits of the most compelling sales offersHow to get your emails opened and readThe secrets of fan attractionHow to turn lukewarm prospects into hungry buyersUsing easy-to-follow video lessons and worksheets, I’ll show you how to squeeze more revenue out of your existing products, services and fan base!Are you interested?I hope you’ll join me as I share my favorite secret weapons through the Magnetic Cash Flow Formula course.There’s no time like the present. And the course is surprisingly affordable.Register for this course on Udemy today and get lifetime access to the lessons. Watch them on your computer, or on your smartphone or tablet using the free Udemy app.Plus, it comes with a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee!Go ahead and register now, and I’ll see you inside the course.