Hey there!I’m Gurpreet Singh, your GameMaker instructor.The focus of this course is to create a game for the Facebook Instant Games platform.Who am I?I’ve been using GameMaker for the past 5+ years. I started creating GameMaker courses and tutorials in 2015, and have never stopped since!Along with Udemy courses, I also create YouTube tutorials on my channel (GameMakerStation), and have tons of tutorials on my blog (GameDev Palace). I love game development, and I want to share the fun with you!What is Instant Games?Instant Games is a platform that allows developers to create HTML5 games that can be played in the browser, or on mobile, using the Messenger app.It’s a fairly recent platform, and was opened to all developers in early 2018.Instant Games can make use of social features such as sharing, leaderboards, and chat to create games that are interactive in more ways than traditionally possible.It also supports ads, so developers can earn a profit from people playing their games.Please note that as of this course, you need to be in the Apple Developer Program to publish Instant Games, which costs $99/year.Additional note: I may not be able to offer support with issues on the Facebook Instant side (rather than the GMS2/JS side), as they keep updating their systems, which makes it harder for me to keep track of. But I still do offer support with issues on the GameMaker side.Why should you take this course?In this course we use GameMaker Studio 2 to make our game, and some simple JavaScript to implement the Facebook Instant SDK.GameMaker Studio 2 is a game engine that makes it very easy to make 2D games. The programming language used in this game is called GameMaker Language and it’s really simple to use.So while you will be learning how to make games for Facebook Instant, you’ll also be learning a lot about GameMaker Studio and GameMaker Language.Which means that the skills that you gain from this course can also be used to create games for other platforms, such as PC, mobile, web, and consoles.What do you need?You can start working on the game right away with any version of GameMaker Studio 2 (even the trial, although that will limit how much progress you can make on the game).To compile the game for HTML5, however, you will need GameMaker Studio 2 Web.That is all you need to create a professional Facebook Instant game with GameMaker!So join in now, and let’s get started!