Youve seen it all before. ZenTangles, Geometric coloringbooks, and simple cartoon coloring books. This IS DIFFERENT.With only a photo and a few clicks, you will be able tocreate a 100% unique coloring book that will make your friends go, WOW!A couple of years ago, I stumbled onto a piece of cloudbased software that transforms my photos into gorgeous coloring books that takeonly a few minutes to make. Thats right, entire coloring books in an hour!After posting my coloring book on a print on demand distributor and a fewsocial media locations, bookstores and tourist shops started seeking me out tosell them in their stores.In this course, I will show you howto:Transform your photographs into coloring pages for pennies per page.Find exceptional, free, high quality photo images to supplement your photography, so that you can make a well-rounded coloring book.Format your coloring books for printing on demand with no additional out of pocket costsShow you how to maximize your reach through a few social media outlets.Provide you with a business plan for your coloring book publishing business.This course could have easily been broken down into several courses, but I want to add as much value as possible so that you will be successful.As with all Udemy courses, it is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, so let’s get started. You have nothing to lose.