This course is aimed at anyone who wants to make interactive story based games, but, who doesnt’ know how to code. Fungus is a free Unity 3D plugin that allows non coders (like me) access to some of Unity’s core features. This course has been updated to include changes & updates to Fungus 3.6If you have never used game development software, or if you have struggled with code trying to make games, Fungus and this course are exactly what you need.So what specifically will we learn?: In no particular order.Unity: A working knowledge of the Unity interface, Importing and managing assets / Images / Audio / Animation etc.Fungus: A full working knowledge of fungus how to combine commands, Use variables etc. All without code.Control the camera: camera moves / fades etc.Control sound: add music / spot sound effects / control volume.Sprites: affect their visibility & movement.Branching Narrative: create custom characters, dialogs & menus.Clickable Sprites: Create buttons that interact with the scene.Drag & Drop: Create draggable sprites that interact with the scene.Mecanim Animation: Add animation to the scene and control it.With all of the above mentioned elements we will create a short branching narrative game, where two characters talk to one another and you are presented with choices to influence the story. The narrative section leads into a hidden object point and click adventure, we will explore an interactive environment with clickable images, draggable and droppable objects and an animated character reacting to specific conditions.