Makeup Masterclass: Apply Your Makeup With Confidence



Howdo you feel when you apply makeup?Doyourmakeup skillsneedarevamp?Asyou journey through lifeyour face, skin &stylechanges. To avoidageing your look or dating your image, yourmakeup needs to keep up with these changes.If,like many women,applying makeup makes you frustrated, messeswith your self-esteem or leaves you wondering why you never get itright,I’m here to remind you you’re not alone.And thatyou’re in the right place if you want asimplesolution.That’sright, this empowering Makeup Masterclass will change the way youlook at makeup forever.Inthis confidence-boostingcourse you will learn:Simpletricks to instantly boost your confidence with makeupPracticalways to improve &revampyour makeup lookExperttechniques for applying foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner,blush, contouring & lipstickStepby step guide for easily creating a flawless, natural-look makeupHow tohide your flaws and imperfectionsSecretsto an even, long-lasting makeupHow to choose a foundation colourthat suits your unique skin toneBrushskills that supercharge your makeup applicationMemorablemakeup tips that will stay with you foreverMyname is Maree, and I’ve been a Celebrity Makeup Artist in the film &beauty industries for 27+ years. I’ve been fortunate to travel theworld, work with A-List celebrities and learn from some of the bestin the makeup biz.Working with many skin types and skin tones has shown me the most effective ways tohide all sorts of flaws and imperfections. It also means I have an abundance of expert tips & tricks toshare with you. This iswhyI’m making it mymission to help YOUrealise thatmakeupis easy – when you know how.Whetheryoure an actress in Hollywood, work at the local cafe or a busymum, I knowyou want to apply your makeup quickly, flawlesslyand with confidence.Youdon’t want to struggle orwastetime correcting simple mistakes. That’s why thiscourseteachesyou how easyit can be to apply makeup soyou look & feel fabulous – and confident. No more makeupmeltdowns or hissy fits in front of the mirror.Iinvite you to banish your makeup frustrations to the past and stepinto a fresh, empowered NOW where makeup confidence is all yours.Simply take this course today and Ill be honoured to walkalongside you.I look forward to seeing you in the first video.xomaree