Hello there! Welcome to my course. About me I’m Gurpreet Singh, a 2D indie gamedeveloper andinstructor. I have years of experience in making games in GameMaker Studio 2and I want to teach you all of that through this course. About the course This course is all about creating a 2D action-adventure game with GameMaker Studio 2, from the ground up.You’ll learn a lot of advanced coding using GameMaker Language. Here are a few examples of whatwe’ll go through: Data structures Auto-tiling and tile collisions Finite state machines NPC movement and textboxes Making houses and going inside them Saving your game and loading it A day-night cycle using blend modes And much more!To check out what the game is like, make sure to watch the video above. More about the course This course is beginner-friendly, however it also contains advanced concepts. It is beginner-friendly in the sense that Iexplain everything Ido so that no one feels lost. The advanced concepts allow youto do more in GameMaker. So, you can take this course regardless of your skill level!The style by which I teach is to-the-point without any filler or unnecessary talking. I get things done quickly while explaining stuffcomprehensively. Support Once you’re in the course, you can download the project so that you can import it into GameMaker Studio 2and have a look at all the code.You can also download all the sprites, scripts and sounds used in the game.I’ll answer any questions you have whenever you hit me up.So join in, and I’ll meet you in the course!