Making Family HiStory Maps using ArcGIS Online



Family HiStory Maps enable you tell a story about one or a group of ancestors in an engaging way that shows you where they lived and travelled against the background of a map. They are ideal for sharing with relatives via a web link that lets them follow the story you have researched, at their own pace, when they become interested to do so, or for you to use to remind yourself of the story details as you sit with them and chat about that story concerning your shared ancestor(s). There is no software or website cost to either make or view these Family HiStory Maps due to the FREE accounts generously provided by Esri (ArcGIS Online) and Yahoo! (Flickr). The purchase price of this eLearning video course is the only cost to enable you to start making your first Family HiStory Map today! Prior to (or while) taking this course it is recommended that you view one or more of theseFamily HiStory Maps which have beenmade using the same techniques taught during the course. They can be found by searching on their titles at ArcGISOnline.William & James Slight – Map Engravers & Test CricketerThe Billins knew Captain Charles SturtThe course will: Introduce you to Family HiStory Maps, Story Maps, ArcGIS Online and FlickrProvide a demonstration of using a Family HiStory MapShow you how to: make a new Family HiStory Mapconfigure a Home Section (front page) and four other sections your stories can have as many sections as you like!change the background map used in each part of the story to basemaps such as those from the National Geographic create map notes for locations of importance in the life of your ancestor(s)link text in your story to images and maps you can also link to videos and web pages!rearrange the sections of your storyconfigure popups to show images and link to web pageschange the appearance and other settings for your Family HiStory Map keep your Family HiStory Map private or share it with any relative that can use the internet!