Making art as an occupation is difficult for beginning creators to fathom. Independent creators are often left to their own devices when it comes to management of their income streams and business choices, and without some guidance, they may find themselves twisting in the wind. In my 20 years as an artist I’ve presented/ sold/ exhibited my own craft, been a hired freelancer for others, and worked in arts administration/ education/ retail/ exhibition spaces. I have found ways to survive and live a comfortable life for my family as an independent artist, and wanted to make a course that could help others along their path. I know exactly what it is like to leave art school and think “what now?”, having paid student loans to learn a trade that has no apparent career path. Fortunately, we live in a time where an individual, independent artist can be in touch with a worldwide audienceapply for support from a network of artist grants and residencies have access to public studio spacescreate worldsentirely from their own home digital tools I cover these options and more for you in this course! Check out the trailer and free lectures to learn more, and see you in class!