Making the best Sweets at Home In the Arabic way


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Eastern sweets are considered one of the most popular sweets requested by people, because of the ease of preparation, and their sweet taste and these sweets depend on simple quantities of ingredients that can be found in any home and contain important food sources for the body, and sugars are the most important of these components because of their benefits Too much for the body because it provides it with the energy needed to a vital life.Eastern sweets are sweets for eastern or Arab countries Eastern sweets are characterized by a very distinctive nature, whether in taste, flavor or the way of manufacture and is characterized by many forms and varieties in which each Arab country is creative, and compete in the production of different types of sweets in ways that are professional, attractive, wonderful in taste, shape, and workmanship, And in this course, we will present to you the most famous Arabic sweetsAnd the way to make it with simple ingredients at home.Note: More recipes will be added continuously