Map Series made easy using ArcGIS Pro


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To create Map Books, ArcGIS Pro uses its Map Series functionality that has evolved from ArcMap’s Data Driven Pages. In this course of 5 videos, which is suitable for English-speaking students from anywhere in the world, you will: Enable Map Series pages and configure them using an Index Layer.Export Map Pages to multi-page PDF files.Insert Dynamic Overview Maps, Index Maps, Titles, Legends and Page Numbers, which update appropriately for each page of your Map Book.Use Page Definition Queries to include/exclude data from other layers, that relates to the feature that defines the current page.Use the Grid Index Features tool to create a rectangular grid Index Layer.Plus much more.Before commencing this course you should: check that you have suitable versions of any software required for this course, anddownload any required dataChecking your version of ArcGIS Pro This particular course was recorded using ArcGIS Pro at version 1.4 and it should also work at any later versions.The PolyGeo channel of YouTube has a video that describes how to check your ArcGIS Pro version.Downloading Natural Earth dataThis course uses up to four shapefiles which can be downloaded from Natural Earth: ne_10m_admin_0_countries.shp (Countries – polygons)ne_10m_admin_1_states_provinces.shp (States and Provinces – polygons)ne_10m_populated_places.shp (Populated Places – points)ne_10m_railroads.shp (Railroads – lines)In the lesson videos these will be found in the C:polygeo folder, so it is recommended that you place them there too. The PolyGeo channel of YouTube has a video that describes how to download the Natural Earth data.