Marc Wynn’s Guided Meditation to be SUPER CONFIDENT



           *************************** IMPORTANT ******************************* “My life was really painful and I lost all my confidence. I created this guided meditation to become SUPER CONFIDENT.It worked and I have loads of confidence to produce this and other courses. I therefore know hand on heart that it will work for you.” marcThis course and GUIDED MEDITATION :it is based on Marc Wynn’s personal experience and therefore worksworks at a feeling/soul level to make you SUPER confident again includes three TRIGGER words that keep you feeling confident in the real world all of the timeAll you have to do is listen to this guided meditation (ideally) before getting out of bed and then use the three trigger words during the day to be SUPER Confident. It works because you are able to regain all the confidence you used to have and regain control over your life.The lectures clearly explain how the guided meditation works in three stages :Stage 1 : TAKING BACK CONTROL OVER YOUR LIFEMost people lose their confidence because of bad experiences or from bad decisions. This lack of confidence comes from having lost or given away control of parts of your life – this could money, relationships, health etc. The first part of the guided meditation includes a powerful technique that changes all of that by putting you back in control of your life.Stage 2 : YOUR PERSONA OF CONFIDENCEIn the meditation on the biggest TV in the world you will be able to see yourself with super confidence, doing all the things that you would love to do if you were super confident. You will see how you walk, talk, stand and act in front of others. This is you creating your new persona and the person you want to be.Stage 3 : THREE TRIGGER WordsWe humans are good at listening to a mediation, but as soon as we get back in the real world we fall back into the same old patterns and end up feeling unconfident again.This why I provide you with THREE TRIGGER WORDS that you can use in the real world, that immediately reminds you of the SUPER confident person YOU ARE. When you use theses words, you immediately return to being super confident again.Finally, my students love my courses and that is why I have such a high instructor rating and have great reviews. Enjoy and watch out because here comes the NEW YOU 🙂 🙂 🙂