As we all know,both Coke and Pepsi are among some of the worlds most powerful brands. Theseare vast financial, industrial, cultural and political empires.Both companiesbelong to a very restricted club of corporations which in fact turn out to bemore powerful than many governments.And it is easy tounderstand why big oil companies, Airbus, or even Apple are members of thisclub: they hold a unique technology, a product the world needs or simply enoughcash to end world hunger if they decided to.But here are twocompanies making a product made of sugar and water. A product that has notechnical uniqueness, which can be duplicated by anyone, and that the worlddoes not actually need.So hy are they so powerful?Of course theirmarketing power, distribution networks and financial reserves are enormous, butthese are consequences: they do not explain how these corporations got there.The answer lieselsewhere, in a science called market intelligence which, when properlyunderstood, will make any entrepreneurs life easier, and certainly facilitatestrategic business decisions.Market intelligenceis in fact in my humble opinion, the most important preamble to any decisionmaking process, and I intend in this short course, using both of thesecompanies all of us are very familiar with as examples, to demonstrate thepower of this business science.