Married to Autism? Find Connection and Ease



Welcome! This course is for typically developing people (aka”neurotypicals”) married to peopleon the autism spectrum (and those who aren’t married yet or were married before).If you have autism yourself, come back soon for a course about marriage and relationshipsgearedspecifically to you. It’s coming!If you’re typically developing and your partner or spouse is on the autism spectrum, you’re probably more than aware that there are very few resources available for you. This course is different. It was built with youin mind.I address autism within the context of what autism means for youconsideringthat you are now and always will be typically developing –with typically developing needs and typically developingdesires. You are who you are.You can’t end your “typically-developingness” any more than your partner can change the autism.That is neurodiversity. Both partners are different and both partners areequally important.This courseis designed to give you, the typically developing member of a mixed-neurological relationship, theeducationandtools you need to getresults in yourlife. As you already know, I can’tmake impossible promises. You will always have a typically developing brain and your partner will always have a brain with autism. That isn’t going to change. I can’t “fix”the communication difficulties you and your partner inherently facebecause nobody can jump in and magically change the functioning of either of your brains.”Techniques” only go so far. They’re hard on the typically developing partner and they’re hard on the partner with autism.Sothis course doesn’t focus on “techniques.” Instead, it does something more:it focuses on what you do have control over — you.I’m looking forward to seeing you around!