What students have to say:”Very useful and perfectly structured lecture. Thank you.””Clair et bien structur”Learn how to use color to create powerful photographs. Master the color  theory behind color and emotion, and what impacts the viewer. Use color  in photography to your advantage, whether while you are shooting, or during post production in Photoshop or Lightroom.With demonstrations, hands-on projects, and sample files on color, color theory, and what impacts the viewer in photography, become confident in how you choose and photograph your subjects –  whether portrait, landscape, nature, lifestyle, fashion, or travel  photography.In these lessons you will learn:How controlling Color can add emotion and depth to your photographyHow color temperature creates an emotional response to imagesAbout Complimentary Colors and Hue Contrast in imagesAbout Saturation and Brightness Contrast in imagesAbout Color Contrast in PhotographyHow to use Color in High Frequency ImagesHow to shoot for complimentary colors in your photographyHow color toning can affect Black and White photographsUse the hands-on projects to reinforce your knowledge about color in  photography. Then grab your camera and start putting your mastery of  color and emotion to work!