Master DARK WASHES painting a dramatic watercolor easily.



So whose afraid of using strong colours?Why you might choose this picture*If you want to feel more confident using strong dark pigments in watercolour paints, get started now.*If you are looking to take your watercolour painting to the next level, this is for you.*If you want to challenge yourself, step outside your comfort zone and add impact to your watercolour painting then look no further.*If you want to work more loosely, use more water, use stronger pigments, you’ll love this.Let your watercolour painting talent blossom as you enjoy over two hours of LIVE ART that you can watch again, and again, and again. Just stand next to me as we chat about the picture, the colours and the techniques. It’s all here.Take what you learn here to other projects and expand your new found skills and excitement, letting your energy show in your work. AND you may find you are no longer afraid of ‘the dark’Each lecture explains simply every step of the way. I’m there to help you solve problems before you get to them and to help you discover more dynamic ways to paint with watercolours.Why choose one of my courses?Because, as a self taught artist I understand how a lot of people feel about their creative work, sometimes anxious, sometimes overwhelmed and often that it’s not ‘good enough’. I will hold your hand as you overcome these fears as I offer a friendly, relaxed and sensitive teaching style.I also have years of experience of teaching people of all levels both in person and via the internet.Do one of my courses and you will feel as if I am in the room with you every step of the way.Enjoy your painting, love Nicola