Master English Grammar: Gerund & Infinitives Complete Course



DO v DOING v TO DO? GO v GOING v TO GO?Do you sometimes get confused when speaking or writing English if you should use verbs in the infinitive, the gerund or the infinitive without to?So for example.The man admitted to steal the car.The man admitted stealing the car.He rememberedstealingthe car.He remembered to steal the car.3 of these sentences are correct. One is incorrect!Which one of these sentences is incorrect?Are you a little confused?If yes,don’t worry – You are Not Alone! Knowing when to use the Infinitive with to, the Gerund, or the infinitive without to is one of the most confusing parts ofGrammar for students learning English.As a teacher for many years who does speaking exams and corrects writing exams it is one of the most common mistakes I see students make.And that is why I created a course on this topicIf you want to improve your English then the good news is that if you follow what I teach you in this course you will be a better English speaker and writer.Lets look more at my objectives for YOU with this course…After doing this course you will…Understand what the Gerund is – know the rules on how to form the gerund and the exceptions to the rules.Know the3 main functions and uses of the Gerund in EnglishThe negative Gerund and the common mistakes students makeKnow the3 main functions and rules of the Infinitive in EnglishKnow how and when we use the infinitive without to in EnglishKnow the verbs that are followed by a Gerund and the verbs followed by an infinitiveKnow the common and important expressions that are followed by a Gerund and the expressions followed by an infinitiveKnow thethe verbs that can be followed by a Gerund and an infinitive with no change in meaningUnderstand how modal verbs affect infinitivesKnow the verbs that can be followed by a Gerund and an infinitive with a real change in meaningKnow and understand the verbs which can take either the gerund or the infinitiveAnd much more..This is a COMPLETE GRAMMAR COURSEon this topic.3 PRACTICE TEST SECTIONSAnd one of the best things is that I have created lots of sample practice exercises to help you to remember what you learned in the video lessons.How will this course help you with your English??!!!It will help you use the Gerund + Infinitives correctly in English!it will help you to avoid the common mistakes made by most English speakers!!It will help you sound more fluent in speaking and writing English(If you are doing an official English exam like IELTS then making a mistake with Gerunds and infinitives can make you lose easy marks)It will help you have more confidence speaking English If you have any questions or any problems, contact me and I can help you.So if you want to take your English to the next level come and join me in this course.Steve