Master English: Learn important Idioms with 8 fun Stories



Master English by learning important Idioms with 8 fun storiesIs this course for you?See what other students say………-TomasHeinrich – “I am really liking this course. It is a good way to learn the English Idioms with these stories which are very interesting. I think it will help a lot of students like me, who want to learn English.”- Bruno Omar – “Excellent course to learn Idioms. I recommend this course for who wants to learn English perfectly!!” -Ana Santos – “Really Great course. I love the stories and am be able to listen to them on my phone. There are lots of exercises and tests which help me a lot.”At the end of this course you will be able to…Use over 60 of the most common and important English IdiomsUse and recognise these Idioms in – IELTS, CAE, FCE, TOEFL examsUnderstand English speakers better and sound more fluent speaking EnglishUnderstand TV shows and movies better in EnglishIdioms are phrases or expressions that cannot be translated word-by-word.They are very important in English but they areare one of the hardest challenges for English language learners.Why do you need to learn Idioms?Learning Idioms will help you speak English more like a native English speakerOne study found that on average English speakers use about 4 idiomsevery minute!!The same study also found that there are about 3 idioms used per minute in TV shows.So, as you can see they are very important!You also need to know a lot of IDIOMS for the IELTS, TOEFLand other official exams.There are thousands of idioms in English, but, in this course I want to teach you some of the most common idioms oridiomatic expressions that native speakers use very, very frequently.How the course is taught?Research shows that people remember information better when they hear it in a story. Therefore, I have written 8 fun and interesting stories which contain all the idioms in this course. There are 8 stories. Story 8 has 2 parts – so in total 9 videos ofStories.Each story recording contains Idioms relating to a category.There are 9 categories of IDIOMS;Intro sectionIdioms with a reference to ColourIdioms with a reference to AnimalsIdioms with a reference to ClothsIdioms with a reference to FoodIdioms with a reference to HealthIdioms with a reference to MoneyIdioms with a reference to TimeIdioms with a reference toTravel + TransportIdioms with a reference to Body partsEach section begins with a story. The story is animated with pictures to make it fun.After the story, I introduce each Idiom with a picture to help you visualise it.Then I analyse the the idioms and explain what they mean.I also give 2 more examples to show you how they are used in Real Life English.At the end of each section there is a small test where you need to match the idioms to their definitions.There are 3 Progress Teststo help you practise. These include 3 quizzes and Audio Sentence Completion ExercisesOne of the BEST THINGS ABOUT THIS COURSE is that you can download all the Stories andAudio Sentence Completion Exercisesto listen to on your smartphone when you are having a coffee or travelling. This will help you learn the IDIOMS much easier.I hope to see you in this course.Happy Learning!!Steve