Learn to use ‘Get’ and ‘Get’ Phrasal verbs like native Englishspeakers.Is this course for you?See what other students say……… -Theo Bruder: “Amazing Course!! I am learning a lot of important things. Thank you!” -Ana Santos:”This is the best course I have taken!!really like the lessons and the details from the teacher. I feel like my English is already much better and I am very motivated to learn.” -Bruno Omar : “Excellent course. C’est formidable!! je suis en train d’etudier pour IELTS et ce cours m’aide beaucoup!! Merci teacher.”Are you ready to Master English and speak English like a Native Speaker?The verb Get and Get Phrasal verbs arevery important in Englishand English speakers use themall the timein their everyday conversations in many different ways.The truth is that if you want to speak English fluently …you NEED to be able to understand and be able to use the verb Get the way native English speakers use it. You also need to know a lot of theGet Phrasal Verbs that native English speakers useuse all the timein everyday conversation.For example:get by / get to / get into / get away with/ get through / get down to / get around to…etcThis course has over4 hours of video lesson where I carefully explain the different ways to use the verb get in English and where I carefully teach you the most common GetPhrasal verbs and give you real life example sentences to help you understand the meaning.There are also Practise Tests which help you practice using what you learn.If you have any questions or any problems, contact me and I can help you.So, is this course for you?Do you want to speak English fluently, like native English speakers?Do you sometimes find it hard to understand native speakers in conversation in English?Do you want to understand Native speakers, TV Shows and Movies more easily in English?Do you need English for your job or studies?If the answer is Yes then this course is for you..What will I learn?Over 4 hours of video instruction and real life examples with Professional Teacher.You will learnhow to sound more fluent in English by using get that way Native speakers do.Learn the most important and common everyday GetPhrasal verbs that Native speakers use all the time.Listen toand understand English with much more confidence.You will learn how to use Get to talk about movementLearn how to use get to talk about Possession.Learn how to use get to talk about Obligation and Necessity.Learn how to use get to talk about starting an activity.Learn how to use get to talk about a Change of state.Learn how to use get is passive sentences.Learn about Phrasal verbs and the grammar of Phrasal verbs.Learn 75+ different ways to use the most common and important Get Phrasal Verbs.Become a much better English speaker and listener.Benefits of courseAfter taking this course, you will be able to;Use the verb get in many different ways like Native English speakers do.Use Get Phrasal verbs in conversation and writing in English which will help you sound like a fluent speaker.Understand native speakers much better.Sound more fluent when you are speaking English by using Get like Native speakers.Understand English TV shows and movies much better.Improve your chances of achieving a better score in your IELTS, CAE, and FCE exams.Impress native speakers with the language you use. E.g, Maybe in a job interview, or on skype with a friend in a different country.Are you ready to learn to speak English like a Native Speaker?Let’s get started!!!