Enjoy professionally narrated, real-time demonstrations of these powerful massages which focus on the most sensitive areas of the body. Our videos walk you through the treatments movement by movement, step by step, from start to finish.Enrich your social life with these awesome skills, as taught by the critically-acclaimed team, Ebodhi. Indian Head Massage – a 45-minute treatmentKnown in India as champi, Indian head massage grew out of the Ayurvedic medical system and has been widely practiced for around a thousand years. The massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms. Since tension tends to accumulate in these areas, this treatment can be very effective.The techniques are designed to infuse the receiver with feelings of comfort, relaxation and tranquillity. They can also help reduce muscle tension and eyestrain, relieve headaches and areas of soreness, and enhance flexibility, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. By calming the nerves and relaxing the muscles, the treatment encourages deep abdominal breathing and benefits the whole body. Furthermore, improved circulation through the scalp may promote strong and healthy hair growth effects which can potentially be compounded if special oils are applied to the hair.On a spiritual level, Indian head massage may help to re-balance the energy flow through the chakras. On a practical level, it is a convenient but satisfying massage that can be given anywhere, in a short space of time if necessary, and many of the techniques can be performed without oil.Hand Massage (basic) The hand is one of the most sensitive and repetitively strained areas of the body. Our hand massage tutorial teaches intriguing techniques that are designed to unlock the tension that accumulates during everyday life. The forearm is also cared for. Foot Massage (basic)Reflexologists from all traditions agree that foot massage can relax and benefit the whole body. A variety of techniques are explained and demonstrated in this lesson, as well as how to use hot stones on the feet. Charts are provided which illustrate the target areas of reflexology and Thai reflexology, as well as the marma points of Ayurveda, and the acupuncture points of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which are the same as those used in acupressure.Deep Indian FusionThis course also provides a non-narrated demonstration of an Indian Head Massage that also integrates an emphasis on deep tissue techniques, which is particularly useful for many receives who store a lot of tension in their shoulders. Gain Up to Two CTAA-accredited Certificates From This CourseStudents who complete the required practice treatments will be eligible to apply for a fully-accredited certificate in:Indian Head MassageHand & Foot Massage (basic)CTAA certificates are insurable in some countries. However, certain countries do not legally recognize any sort of online certification, and you must check the laws regarding massage, and the policies of insurance companies, in your home country, before any professional practice. This is beyond our abilitiy to accurately and confidently advice our students – who are spread across 101 countries – so please do your own research if certification is important to you. And always remember, it’s your skills, your health and your knowledge that will define your massage career – not the pieces of paper on your wall.