What is this about? This course is the next step in building your Autodesk Inventor skillset. It outlines the basics of using Inventor to create objects that are ready for 3D printing. Learn about the key processes behind sketching, part modeling, creating assemblies, and drawing in Autodesk Inventor. Introduces the interface and key processes of Inventor, the parametric design system from Autodesk. How long is this course?The course focuses on showing you step by step the workflow to start designing parametric objects in Inventor. You will learn how to set up your project file; create and modify geometry; create extrusions, sweeps, and lofts; build parts with placed features and patterns of features; and create iParts and iFeatures. This course also covers assembly visualization techniques and drawing views. The course includes source files that you can import into Inventor. Why take this course? If you are interested in industrial design, you are a maker, you own or are thinking about working with 3d printers this course is for you!