Master REAL Useful English with PROJECTS



Welcome! If you’re looking for a course to justsit back, relax, and do listen and repeat exercises, then you might want to look at a different course. This courseis designed to bevery INTERACTIVE, and I’m going to ask you to do a bit of work throughout it. Just like in a REALclassroom. So strap yourself in and get ready!Each section of this course is set up to flow just like in an actual classroom with real activities that I’ve done in English classes. Ihave modified these classesso that they are beneficial to theonline learner.Recommendations for the course:- This course is for the learners that want to learn English more deeply.- Set time aside to effectively complete the tasks in each section.- Take your time to learn these expressions and grammar thoroughly.- Have at least an intermediate level English.Included in this course:- All of the On Demand video lectures here currently and all FUTUREvideo courses that will be added to the course.- An printable PDF worksheet to go along with each class so you can participate in the class.- Availability for feedback and correction. Just join Language Galaxy on Facebook.Reminder:The order of classes inthis course doesn’t follow a specific order. You can skip around and find a class that interests you first. However, each section (class) IS in a specific order, so start each class from the beginning.Enjoy! And I look forward to hearing how you do!