Do you struggle with procrastination, poor money habits or your weight ?Are you disorganized, suffer from a lack focus or spend to much time surfing the internet and watching TV ?Then chances are you have an issue with self-discipline.In the Master Self-Discipline course you will learn how to build your self-discipline using time-tested wisdom and cutting-edge advances in neuroscience and psychology, presented in a simple and easy to understand way. You'll learn the 7 key steps to help you build remarkable self-discipline without being overwhelmed, each step building on the last. Your Own Worst EnemyAccountability is KeyOne Habit at a TimeSimplify your LifeUse RewardsBe HealthyPersistThe principles of self-discipline are both universal and applicable to almost any area of your life in fact, you'll very often find once you tackle one problem area, the other areas seemingly get easier ! Intrigued ? Find out why.This is not your average course on goal setting or short-term fixes, instead this course focuses on changing behavioural patterns to help bring long lasting, if not permanent changes. Because without self-discipline, any goal is really just a wish.In many ways self-discipline is the great equalizer. You may not have been born as bright, athletic or as attractive as other people – or even with as many opportunities, but with self-discipline you can level the playing field. What do you get from this course ? 24 lectures with over 3 hours of content. 2 Ebooks to complement the course material Many simple but effective strategies you can implement today to unlock your potential What are the requirements ? Fluency in English