Master The Digital Electronics- Minimisation And Basic Gates



Why Digital Electronics?In today’s world, where the leading IT firms are repeatedly decreasing demand between the people, there a hidden treasure is gaining much love and appreciation. That’s Electronics Industryand digital electronics is the heart of this industry. Without a strong basethe whole industry will fall down. So knowing and understanding Digital Electronics is very much important if you are willing to shine in this industry.What are the core ingredients?This course is all about boolean algebra, K-map and logic gates.I will provide a lot ofexercises, examples, tests, practices. Everything you need to know about this topic professionally.What is required?Only a basic knowledge of digital is enough.Even if you don’t have I will help you.What you will get?You want to create your own course, or start your own electronics basedstartup or join any core company or even wantto do some electronicstraining like VLSI,FPGA,Systemverilog, Verilog, Embedded System, ARM etcthis course will help you a lot. And the topics this course covers including mcq and other interview questions, will help you alot.Any entrance exam or written test or even in interviews of Electronics based companies will askat least 75% questions from Digital. Why it is different from others?All the available courses explain the practical or the applications. For example how to light an LED.But before going into that you need to strengthen your base. You need to learn the components, the gates which make the circuits.This course will help you to understand from very basic. And one thing is this is professional one. So it will not stop at the base level only. Rather will upgrade you to pro level.Who should take this course?College students, to brush up the base and to learn the professional oneat the same time.People, willing to do training on VLSI,FPGA,Systemverilog, Embedded system, Arm etc.Electronics entrepreneurPeople, wishing to start their own course on digital.You love electronics you are welcome. You don’t you are welcome. You know basics or don’t you are welcome. Come and learn. Digital is all about exploring.