Master Your Inner Power



You might die tomorrow. Are you able to find enough reliable excuses to deal with your regrets?Just try to count your buried dreams. Can you?I shouldn’t have created this course and you shouldn’t be attending it. We are supposed to obey, to borrow from banks, then to work to pay our rates and consume. We are meant to be slaves, workers and buyers.Really?I’ve broken the chain and I challenge you to break yours as well. Will you dare?It is a power you can grow to the level you need for getting all that you want in live, for living the life you desire, for bringing around you the people you want in your life.When you don’t use your own power and you borrow power from outside yourself, you get weaker. You can base your power on money, social status, authority, your influence in others, but when all these are gone, you’ll find yourself empty, naked, helpless and unable to stand up.You can lose your health, your job and all your money. All your friends you never had will disappear then, and so will some of your relatives. What will you do then? Will you be able to stand up if all your power depended on this outer things? Your only chance to stand up will be to find in yourself this inner power.