Manage your word-of-mouth referrals more successfully by mastering the essentials.Join Amy D. Kilpatrick, as she walks you through step-by-step in the development of an effective referral marketing plan. Amy is a leading expert in the industry of referral marketing and has been training professionals for over 16 years to become successful business networkers! Her methods work for small and large business owners, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing professionals, executive professionals and franchises. Her background in accounting gives her a grounded view of the real issues most businesses face today. Master Your Network 1.0How to BECOME an Intentional NetworkerThis courseis the first in the series, Master Your Network, that was created by Amy and David, co-founders of Nspired Networking Enterprises. Topics CoveredDiscovering and exploring the fundamentals of word-of-mouth marketingIdentifying the “Ideal Client”Gaining an understanding between Infomercials and Referral Training MomentsLearning the difference between MARKETING – NETWORKING – SALESPLUS A BONUS LECTURE:Mastering the “Always get a YES!” networking tip.Benefits to AttendingGain an understanding of word-of-mouth and referral marketingGet to know the language of networking and grasp the significance of word choice in referral marketing.Boost your networking skills to the next level, whether you are a new or experienced networker.Understand how to identify when you are in sales mode or networking mode when engaged in networking activities and why it is important to know the difference.We look forward tohelping you reach your goals!