Qigong is a 4000+ year old practicethat brings aboutoneness of body, mind and spirit. Though it hasorigins in China, techniques that used Qi (life-force energy) were practiced inIndia, Japan and other Asian countries as well. Over the years, these proven methods that use meditation, mindfulness, andmovement, have come to be replaced by technology, medicine and religious dogmas. But since human consciousness has remained unchanged at the root, these techniques and practices are just as relevant today- if not more in this age of increased stress and detachment from nature.Qigong results in enhanced productivity of the individual and increased harmony in teams. The habit of working with Qi puts the individual in partnership with the “universal energy” that surrounds us all. Which in turnmanifests as higher efficiency and effectiveness. Since the physical level is the most tangible one we operate on, the effects of Qigong practice can be seen in one’s health almost immediately. Ailments, whether commonplaceor chronic, can be overcome with the use of energy.A greater sense of calm and peacefulnessabides at the mental level. And relationships improve through the understanding of energy interplay.In this course, Sandeep Nath givesparticipants a deep dive into the fundamentals so that they are able to connect different “energy fads” to tread a usable pathway contextualized for them. He also provides a Qigong workout that anyone can do every day. Coming from a corporate background himself, Sandeep speaks about”workplace issues” and “productivity” as an insider. Since he has had the benefit of learning from masters from across India, China, Tibet and Japan, he brings into this course an unmatchedblend of foundational knowledgeand practical application. Check out the videos to be surefor yourself.