Did you know that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a 47.1% market share of cloud computing (as of the Q1 2017)? Also, were you aware that S3 is there most popular Service? Finally, did you know you can create websites with S3 like Amazon’s sales website?My name is Alston Godbolt, and Ill be your instructor. This course is important to me because it provides me an opportunity to share my knowledge and teaching approach with you, the student. I have over five years of teaching adult students, and mentoring instructors. In addition, I am both an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and a Certified Developer. Finally, I am a Full Stack Developer working with the S3 Service daily. This combination of knowledge and experience makes me well suited to lead you through the wonderful world of S3. My journey with AWS started off rough. I was looking for a place to host a personal web site. AWS was suggested to me as one option. As I attempted to navigate the site I was quickly overwhelmed by the number of services. I quickly left that page and found a service less intimidating. The purpose of this course is to ensure that my students never feel intimidated by AWS. I will break down S3 so that you know the power S3 contains, and by extension, give you the power to create on S3. This course is designed for both beginners to AWS and experienced developers. First, after a brief course introduction, we will dive into what AWS provides to its customers. Next, we will take a very through deep dive look at S3. We will discuss what S3 is, use cases, and key terms to ensure you know the fundamentals. After mastering the fundamentals, we will get our hands dirty by navigating to the AWS and S3 console. We will create buckets, store objects, create static web pages, and delete buckets. Once we have successfully completed the console, we will take things a step further by creating, listing, and managing buckets the command line. Finally, using Node.js and Software Development Kits (SDKs), we will create a series of short programs to further cement our acquired skills. Remember no prior experience is necessary for taking this course. We will install the necessary software and create an AWS free account during the course introduction.Thank you, and Ill see you in the course!