Mastering Classroom Management



There is nothing more frustrating for a teacher than classroom management. Imagine stepping into a classroom and students are yelling at each other, throwing paper airplanes across the classroom and pushing and shoving each other, all while you are trying to teach.Now imagine, walking into that one master teacher’s classroom. She is teaching her lesson.Her students are attentive, respectful and none of them call out of turn. She models appropriate and acceptable behavior,and herstudents willingly follow her lead. What’s the magic or her secret sauce?The answer: she is a classroom management master. She has planned for and prepared for obstacles and challengesbefore they ever appear. Each and everyday she walks the line as classroom Queen, coach, mentor and teacher. This is her superpower and it too can be yours.In this course, Classroom Management Mastery: Overcoming Behavioral Obstacles, you will learn to become aclassroom King/Queen. You will learn how to overcome student behavioral issues such as students who call out, the use ofnon-verbal cues, dealing withstudents withattention deficits, excessive talking and creating a warm, welcoming classroom environment.Implement these strategies today and be well on your way to becoming a classroom master.