Facebook Ads don’t work…””A friend of mine tried Facebook Ads for his business and didn’t sell anything…””My clients won’t like to see my content on Facebook every day…”Sounds familiar?_______________Generating quality leads in a cost-effectivemanner (talk about 1/5th of what you would spend on a full spread daily print publication) is the dream of many businessowners. We have all been there, trying to crack the secret sauce of Facebook Ads and seeing our ads sinking in “wasted money” waters.Mastering Facebook Ads is a proven workshop format I have been teaching for 2 years where you will learn: How to make the Facebook algorithmwork for youHow to Create an Ad that leaves the markHow to get your ads to be seen by the right people ONLYHow to generate leads on demand without spending all your day and money on themThis workshop is for professionalswho take action and want to adopt a predictable lead generation strategy that will scale their business quickly.At the end of this course, you will be able to create a customer avatar and test it against real data to verify if what you sell has a market.You will know how to create a Facebook Ads strategy and how the Facebook Ads Manager and ad structure works.You will know how the algorithm works and how to make it work for you. You will know how to create a Facebook Ad from scratch.Finally, you will have a list of proven and trusted tools with links ready to be used to help your work with graphics, and tons of case studies taken directly from campaigns I have personally run over the years.