You’re probably thinking one of 3 things.How will this course help me professionally?How will this course help me as a student at school, college or university?How will this course help me in my personal life?Youll get:How to use information representation so that you can create mind maps to structure information in an effective wayHow to go deeper than any other course available on mind mapping so that you get a comprehensive understanding of mind mapping as a wholeHow to use graph theory so that you can better understand complex systems of interconnectivity (e.g. the internet)How to understand mind mapping at a conceptual level so that you use the right information visualization strategyUnderstand other information visualization systems so that you can see mind mapping in the proper context How to use mind mapping the right way so that you can get more clarity on the relationships between informationReal life examples of how to use mind mapping so that you know exactly how to do it yourselfUnderstand mind mapping as a subcategory of information representation so that you can choose the best information representation system for your projectHow to use structure information so that you can make a mind map thats useful for you How to integrate mind mapping into your larger accelerated learning system so that you can get the full force and power of the system working for you How to make a mind map one pager so that you get a broad view before diving deep into a topicHow to use spider diagrams, flowcharts, BPMN and UML so that you get a big picture perspective on information representation systemsHow to use mind mapping properly so that you know when to recognize when its the right tool for the jobUnderstand the strategy of when to use a mind map so that you dont make the mistake of using a mind map in the wrong situationWhether it’s in your career, at school, or in your personal life, mind mapping will help you to 10x your productivity and get where you want to go.Mind mapping is an often forgotten skills because most people only have 1 or 2 ways to structure and organize their information.If you’re someone who is brand new to mind mapping then this course will take you from 0 to 60 in no time and will blow your mind.You’ll have found an unexplored world of possibilities that will help you to advance in your career, at school or in your personal life.If you have some experience with mind mapping then this course will take you to the next level.Either way this course will give you the tools and resources necessary so that you can master mind mapping in a way that most people never do.If you’re a professional then this course will help you to get your projects done faster, more efficiently and with less mistakes.Mind mapping is one of the secret weapons that you want to have in your arsenal if you are looking to take your career to the next level.When you have countless ways to represent information and make new connections that other people would never think to make, you have a clear advantage.You’ll quickly see your professional productivity go off the charts when you start learning and applying the things in this course.Get ready because once you are using mind mapping to its fullest extent you’ll have your boss giving you new projects, responsibilities and you’ll be on the fast track for promotion.Don’t say I didn’t warn you.That’s how effective these mind mapping strategies can be in a workplace environment where your peers are using the same old stale way of looking at things and approaching problems.This course will give you the tools to take you to the next level in your professional life and get where you want to go.Period.If you’re a student in school, or in college or university, you will have a key advantage over all your other classmates when it comes to getting the best grades in the shortest amount of time.Imaging being able to blow past your classmates because of a simple skill that you can learn right away and start implementing immediately.Mind mapping has been around for decades but most people are still using outdated methods of organizing information.Not anymore.This course will take you to the top of your class as you learn to start using mind mapping strategies that will enable you to learn faster, retain more, and crush your competition.You’ll have a staggering ability to get more done in less time which will allow you to do all those extracurricular things you want to.Or just keep your foot on the gas and leave your classmates in a cloud of dust behind you.Your choice.If you are looking for strategies to take you to the next level in your personal life, look no further.Mind mapping has hundreds and even thousands of applications, many of which extend into interesting stuff you want to do on the side.If you want to learn an instrument or a new language, the mind mapping strategies you will learn in this course will give you a new sense of confidence that you can learn that chord or phrase faster, better and stronger.For you language learners out there, this mind mapping treasure trove will enable you to see new nuances and patterns that will help you to get to fluency faster.Once you start using just a few of the mind mapping strategies and techniques you learn in this course you will start finding dozens of new applications that you never dreamed were possible.But it’s up to you.Do you want to take your professional, academic and personal life to the next level?Good.I’ll see you on the other side.