Mastering Organization Vol 3: Object Inboxes



Is your life a “mess?”Can’t find things?Lot’s of clutter?Huge to do list?Always procrastinating?Never get stuff done on time?Overwhelmed?Well, the productivity train is rolling in again with this brand new course.Thiscourse is a continuation of the existing series onMastering Productivity.This time you are learning how to set up a system for organizing your objects, as opposed to your information.Got problems with clutter? Never figured out how to solve it once and for all? This is the system that will fix it forever.And it works in parallel with the Info Org system, so you have one integrated solution for everything you manage, both information and objects. This kind of system doesnt exist anywhere else on earth.I wish it did so I didnt have to build it. Its taken a large chunk of my life to get it built and working properly.Volume 4 shows you how to do batch processing and gives you a full “Life System”that will teach you where to store all your information for long term storage, once you move it out of the inbox.The Life System categories are 1.Professional, 2. Personal, 3. Relationships, and 4. Health. The full system contains hundreds of sub folders and is 3-4 folders deep in most cases. You will get the full folder structure as a zip file in Volume 4 as well as a walkthrough of how to use the system.However, remember this ISN’Tpart of this course.This course is just about setting up all your inboxes, which is a prerequisite for Volume 4.Just this first step of setting up the inboxes will take you several hours to complete once you have watched all the videos, and to implement Volume 4 will take even longer.Because of the amount of information and time required to implement these have been split up into two volumes.