In this course you’re getting an update tomy original Mastering Planning course to make it more visual and add some additional features.These additional features will help you to take your project management skills to the next level.One of the biggest innovations of this course will be your new ability to manage your time on a non hour-to-hour basis.Some of the feedback students were giving about the foldable google calendar printout system in the original course indicated that many students could improve their workflow with just a few minor tweaks to the system.So if you felt like you didn’t want to plan out your time using the printable google calendar or didn’t feel like it made sense for the way that you work, I developed this alternative sothat you can use it in combination but also as a replacement for the primary way I advocate you do your daily and weekly planning.This is a visual upgrade to the original planning system where you will get a planning dashboard on paper.You’ll get:How to create a physical paper dashboardHow to setup all your planning documentsHow to use colored paper in your planning systemThis course is a general upgradeon a bunch of minor aspects of the original Master Planningsystem andwill helpmake everything fit together in the big picture and how to understand the big picture of what’s going on in your life and having that all in one place.See you on the inside.