Mastering Realistic Real Life Drawing with Pencil



In this course you will be able to learn how to draw realistic real-life objects with pencil only. As a bonus, I will teach how you can use grey markers to transform the pencil drawing into noir grayscale art.This course is ideal for those who want to try new things or new to drawing with pencil. Or if you want to improve drawing skills in drawing real-life objects then this course may be ideal for you. The only material you need is a pencil.This course is based on the video demonstrating how to draw in the paper, accompanied with handwritten notes on the video to help you understand and guide you through course structure. As I am profound hearing impaired I am unable to add audio to video therefore I have put handwritten notes and text to help you go through it. Hopefully with this course I can pass useful tip and knowledge to the fellow deaf and hard of hearing people as well as hearing people.