This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.What is the biggest difference between the most successful Udemy instructors and everyone else?They have a website.They have other things going on OUTSIDE Udemy.It might be a simple website.It might be a blog.They may even host a Podcast and a Youtube channel.Whatever the case may be, the essential factor in their teaching business is that they have a website.A single hub that brings together everything they are doing online, and maximizes their course sales in the process.Here’s the funny thing though, about websites.Many instructors have website that struggle to make any sales.Why?Because they aren’t optimized for sending students to Udemy. Let’s run some numbers:When you look at your Revenue Statement, you usually see a mix of two things.Udemy Organic Sales and Affiliate Sales. 50% sales and 25% sales.And then every once in a while some 97% sales when you run your Promo Announcements twice a month (you’re doing this already, right?)Now let’s talk about where you are losing money in this equation.When your prospective students starts browsing around on Udemy, looking for a new course, they also have their eye on discounts. Most aren’t buying without one.So what do they do?>>New Tab<<…Google….Course Title + Author…….>>SEARCH<<And what do you think shows up?Your course? Or someone else’s?If you don’t have a website, it’s not going to be your site.So what happens?They click on someone else’s site, find a link to your course and go buy it using the site owner’s affiliate link. That affiliate link makes it so that our Mystery Site Owner gets 50% of the sale of your course, Udemy gets a quarter and you get a quarter. And what’s more? If that student buys a couple other courses you’ve taught, you’re only getting a 25% cut of those courses also.How does having your own website change that?Well, to put it simply, you are going to get to turn a lot of those 25% sales into 97% sales….Effectively Quadrupling YourIncome.Sure, there’s a bunch of other stuff in this course about building a Podcast, Youtube, Blog, etc, but that right there is more than enough reason to get started today.Every day you wait on getting a website set up is another day you’re missing out on those 97% sales.Getting a website set up that is optimized for Udemy is the single most important thing most Udemy instructors can do to increase their sales immediately.But let’s say you’re still reading. Because you’re a long term thinker.Well, there’s more.This website is also optimized for building your list. Haven’t started doing this yet?Tsk. Tsk.You gotta be building your list.That’s the first commandment of internet business. And this website will get you up and running in no time flat.Look, I know what it’s like. You’re a teacher, and you probably don’t enjoy all this marketing stuff.That’s why we made this website so that you literally don’t have to write a single new word of copy (aka words on your website), all you have to do is copy and paste what you’ve already written for your Udemy profile.Sure, you can add more later, but it’s not necessary for you to start seeing results.Last thing I’ll say, is I had a hard time convincing Rob to create this course with me. Usually people pay him thousands of dollars to create a website, and most Udemy instructors can’t afford that. We went back and forth over a couple weeks and finally agreed on this simplified, Udemy-Optimized version that has just enough for the person who has never created a website before, and enough stretch to work for those of you who want to really build up an online teaching empire with a Podcast, YouTube channel, Blog, etc. The most valuable part of this course is actually the discussion forum. You’ll be able to ask Rob and I any and all questions you want. We’ll be there with you every step of the way until you have your website up and running and helping you succeed on Udemy.We look forward to seeing you in the course,Timothy and Rob