Learn The Basics Of Microsoft Word 2016 — Delivered In Easily Searchable, Highly Informative Content Modules Microsoft Word: Hands-down the most powerful document creation tool on the planet. Used by millions of people each day, very few know how to use it properly. In this basics course produced by Microsoft Certified Trainer Christina Tankersley well show you everything you need to know to start harnessing the power of Microsoft Word. Whether Youre Just Getting Started Or Want To Move On To Certification This Course IS For You Microsoft Word is more than a Word Processor. If you know the skills taught in this course you will be more productive, in less time, and be able to maximize the potential functionality of what is probably the worlds most common program. Getting Around in the Word 2016 interface Creating, Saving, and Finding Documents Fonts and Printing Basic Formatting and Text Effects Quickly Search For And Find The Skills You Want To Master Then Just Point, Click, And Learn Over 3 hours of high quality HD content in the Uniquely Engaging TM Bigger Brains Teacher/Learner style!