This Training Course covers every aspect from importing your models to compositing your images to a final render scene. What will be included? Maya Scene files, 3D Objects, Textures, Sourceimages To get access to all course files please go to my Dropbox folder. The Link will be made available when you subscribe to this course, and will be visible in the announcement section. If you dont have Dropbox, register here for free: Register here for FREE What you will be able to produce: Final Render The VRay tutorial is structured as follows: Section 01 VRay tutorial course Introduction Section 02 Setting Up Setting up Models and Scene Checking UVs Applying Standard Shaders Section 03 Lighting Setting Up Vray Camera Apply LUT/SRGB for LWF Placing Lights and Intensity Adding Environment Light (HDR) Section 04 Materials Assigning Textures Adjusting Shader Section 05 Render Settings AA Samples Indirect Illumination Settings Render Elements Multi-Mattes Render Layer (Occlusion) Rendering Section 06 Compositing in Photoshop (MultiMattes) Compositing in After Effects (UVpass) Final Output