Mechanics / Statics – Introduction to Mechanical Engineering



This course serves as a springboard into Engineering Solid Mechanics for new students or as a refresher for students already familiar with some of the concepts and are looking for somewhere to brush up thefundamentals.The course covers a broad spectrum of common topics that are applicable to a wide variety of situations in numerous engineering sectors;Forces (including Newtons Laws)Engineering stress and strainModulus of Elasticity and Poisson’s RatioStiffness (Geometric)Bending of BeamsStresses in beam bendingStrut BucklingThermal expansionPin jointed frame worksShearingTorsionThin wall pressure vessel theoryAll of these topics are fascinating and are around the A-level to University level in terms of technical content… butdon’t worry! We cover these topics in a logical order and start off simple so that we do not lose you along the way. Most videos follow the format of a discussion of thetheory andthen we go through aworked example.We then recommend that students have a go at the practice questions that accompany most videosso that you can put your skills to the test. There are fullworked solutions so you are able to check how youperform.We at Learn-Ed believe that the format of”Theory -Worked example -Have a go for your self”is one of the best methods of learning – particularly the”Havea go for yourself”element.We also try to describe various applications that each theory has to help give context as to why its interesting to learn about.We hope to see you in ourlessons!Note: This course does not replace a formal qualification.Formal qualifications in engineering can be obtained through colleges or universities and these may be of interest to you if you enjoyed this course.