How would YOUR LIFE look like if you have mastermeditationwhich gives sustained level of peace higher concentration in your daily to day life and able to give undivided attention to that moment,I strongly believe this course can give the answers to many of your questions and give you clarity that will help you enter a deeper state in meditation and enhance your meditation journey. Do you want to meditate, but dont quite know how? Are you confused about different types of meditation? Do you struggle to start meditate because of nonstop chitchat of the mind? Do you know how to prepare for meditation? Do you want systematic techniques to enhance and deepen your meditation?How much you can get done? and super focusWhat would it look like if you have more inner joy, how its gone enhance your relationship people around you office and relationships with your childrenWhat if you have higher awareness to see things in different prospective to handle things smoothly without getting stressed out.What would it look like if you have that mental energy to change the habits you want to remove and to replace with good ones. What would be looks like if youre more creative with you doyouwant peace of mind and active body, We want clarity and focus, we want enthusiasm all want whole new level of courage in our life, we want to feel vibrant, powerful and happy, We know meditation is one of the best tool which can help that and I am sure your on journey to figure out how to reach the deeper level of the mind through meditation by using the right techniques and tool to quite the chitchatting monkey mind in order to improve the quality of meditation so it can have awesome impact on all areas in our life . The challenge is most people either dont know how to handle the mental chitchatting during meditation or they never really know how to meditate properly with right understanding and techniques the way the monks and yogis do, they never learned how to become efficient in their practice because most of them are confuse and switching to one or the other meditation, doesnt know which is good for them. So we try few times and we stop. I know you are in a struggle to figure out otherwise you never have been checking this course.Some are lookingkind of a magic pile to have say can feel better every single day, Everyone says they want to experience deeper level meditation experience but they dont do any perpetration to reduce and gradually stopping the noise inside the work, every one says they want simple system which they can use in there day to day ,But everyone knows those thing dont excises and I knew it I want to have something differentI dont want a pile, I want a system I want a structure which I can declare the mind and pre prepare the mind and to practice meditation with right techniques and tools which works for common people like me not only for monks and spiritual gurus, I want something that I can follow and implement and it works and proven to work, I want some to show me the correct road map, I want to know how the mind body and breath connection , I want to know how to deal with my minds nonstop chit chatting ,I want to know the clear picture and clarity on the topic of meditation instead of confusion between different type of meditation do I do this, how do I get consistency to do that etc..I want to learn all of that in one thing. I know it doesnt I have to travel and study all this from various great yogis and spiritual masters and distilled the knowledge and practice. I personally earned lots of personal gained in life on my carrier, family life, social life more than that I got control over my inner world by expanding my awareness through using meditation to touch my deeper levels this by learning the each of those area, before I out to gather and offer to the people. I want something no one created before, I want to something which work for me and people who face same challenges and struggles in meditation, to help them and simplify the process.So simplified whatever I gathered and experienced past a decade I got finally created created this course.Finally shows you the tools and techniques and how to access deeper level of meditation, So that you can create and impact accomplish thing in all areas in your life and you feel deep sense of peace and satisfaction on your daily practice way and you will experience the control over your own emotions and thoughts and reactions to create a life the way you want it