This course covers the theory and practice of meditation as it applies to a Biblical or Christian worldview. Using keyBiblical passagesas your guide, you will learn how to cultivate greater peace and wisdom in your life as you impress the word of God deep into your heart and mind.You Can Fully Embrace the Benefitsof Meditation While Staying True to Your Own Beliefs.Meditation is often misunderstood as either anon-spiritual mental health practice or a mysterious ritualbelonging to Eastern religions. In fact, meditation has always been intended as a spiritual practice, but it does NOT belong exclusively toEastern mystical traditions. Meditation, and therelated practices of contemplative prayer and “lectiodivina” have been part of Christianityfromthe beginning.Daily meditation is a powerful tool to transform our lives and cultivate greaterpeace and wisdom.In our modern life, we are too often stressed out, over-scheduled, and unfocused. In fact, it seems life conspires to keep us in this state of unrest. However, JesusChrist said, “Come unto me, all ye that labor andare heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” The spiritual life shouldnot one of constant anxiety and fear and reactivity.By the end ofthis course, you will:-Understandthe basics of mindfulness meditation.-Be able to practicethe specific practice Christian or Biblical meditation.-Understand the ancient practice of “lectiodivina” or “divine reading” of scripture.-Use a Biblical approach to “mindfulness”and “non-attachment” to beless reactive and fearful.-Feel a greater sense of peace and devotion to God as you begin to meditate.FREEBONUS: Get started right away with 8 free guided meditations from my popular YouTube channel, Meditationson the Mount. These downloadable MP3 files comprise the complete collection of my CD, Meditations on the Mount, an $8 value.I am not anybody’s guru and Idon’t claim any special enlightenment. However, Ihave been practicing and teaching meditation for about 10 years, to school groups and community organizations. I have learned a few things along the way and am eager guide you in learning a practice that has been a blessing in my life!Below are a few of the comments from my YouTube channel and Amazon regarding my guided meditations, which reflect the method taught in this course:”Was introduced this these meditations at a Women’s Christian Retreat. Two selections from the disk were used for meditation. I found them both wonderful, but was especially impressed with the Lord’s Prayer meditation”. – Amazon Review”I could feel my entire body so relaxed, careful, and as if I was floating, all anxiety and tension gone and I was able to feel where love was lacking a little bit in certain relationships and I will strive to love more. Gods presence is great in this meditation I feel physically and mentally changed. Thank you!” – Amy Leak”All your meditations are wonderful and brought so much peace into my life. Blessings to you.” Michely Deana”You have the most beautiful voice and presence. Thank you for doing what you do. Your meditations are so centering, uplifting and transforming.” -Christine Clear”Very nice. Soothing background music and such a soothing voice of the narrator. I love listening to Scripture being read. A great way to de-stress and focus on God’s Word.” -Amazon Review