Meditations and Mindfulness To Transform & Improve Your Life



=== What to Expect ===Mindfulness is one of the most wonderful aids to inner transformation and psychological growth. Accessible to all and very easy to put into practice it will quickly bring about deep and long lasting changes to your life.  Your sense of well-being will be enhanced and it will unlock limitless potential, contentment and bliss into your life. Mindfulness will help you to remember what life is really all about and will help you to embody and express the best possible version of yourself. Mindfulness will help you to see through many of illusions and self-limiting beliefs that sometimes keep us psychologically trapped and will open us up to a much richer vision of the world and our place within it. === What’s Included ===The course contains three sections. One is focused on the aspects of mindfulness that relate primarily to ‘you’. The second is all about how we can use mindfulness to improve and transform our ‘relationships with others’. The third section consists of 5 sensitively guided meditations that will help to embed a deep mindfulness into your life. There are also many mindfulness exercises and games woven into this course. A certificate of completion will be be given to the students from Udemy and also a separate one from facilitator (the later available upon request)=== About the Facilitator ===Tom has had a regular daily practice of meditation for 20 years. He has a huge amount of experience across a wealth of spiritual traditions and can offer you wonderful expert advice about how to best approach and get the most from your mindfulness and meditation practice. Tom will also show you how to avoid the classic pitfalls and misconceptions that people have about mindfulness and mindfulness. He is a very experienced teacher and has led hundreds of meditation classes, workshops and retreats across the Uk.He is also a Bestselling and Highest Rated facilitator on Udemy with over 2000+ course enrolments so far….