Mens Style Made Simple


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The Men’s Style Made Simple course is the go-to resource for everyday men looking to get the most out of their wardrobe! We teach necessary and practical skills on how to select and maintain your wardrobe essentials. We will be going over the hows and whys of why dressing well is necessary for men of all ages and backgrounds. We delve into the specifics on how dressing well gives peace of mind while developing and maintaining confidence along the way. Our course consists of nine video lectures total and each lecture is between five to ten minutes in length. Along with the detailed lectures, we provide a timeless EBook which will accompany you as your Style and Fashion Bible for years to come. The Men’s Style Made Simple EBook also provides a must have clothing checklist which will be your quick reference guide for each season. The course is perfect for young men who are just out of school or are entering the workforce. Nonetheless, much of the subject matter is a good refresher course for older or more experienced dressers as well. We look forward to hearing from you!