Looping animations are awesome. But ones that capture attention, get the viewer to sit and stare (and maybe drool a bit) are tricky to make. In this course youll not only learn to create seamlessly looping animations, but youll learn how to to make 1 or 2 second gifs feel like they last forever. Well discuss how to create illusions; learn how to animate with both After Effects and Photoshop; and even learn how to code a bit inside After Effects.The course is structured into theory and practical videos. The practical videos build upon content covered in previous videos, and step by step guides are offered to create a few different types of mesmerizing loops in After Effects. The principles learned about in the theory lessons are applied in the practical lessons!The course could take you a week to complete, if you follow along. Otherwise it may take you 1 sitting if you just want to absorb the theory, without getting your hands dirty.By the end of the course well have created some really short animations that, once looped, will feel like they could be watched for hours. Its not just about gifs, but really about mesmerizing animation. Itll be a great way to get into motion graphics and animation as well.