Learn How to Link Access Tables to Excel Spreadsheets, then Update the Data Instantly!This course shows you how to link Access to Excel so you can run a query for any time period and have it instantly update when you refresh ALL of your linked data in multiple Excel sheets.  Using the techniques from this course will save you hours of time every time you create your reports!From a Student -“I was looking for a course that jumps right into examples and walks through the methodology in Access and Excel. This class does that perfectly. Plus, you get to see Bruce’s thought process, which I believe will help in future Access/Excel projects.” – Jonathan SanbornFrom another Student -“This course is very detailed and deals with real world solutions to everyday tasks. I have used the techniques for several of my daily and weekly reports and it’s amazing with a click of a button I can process the reports instantly where it took hours a week before.The course is a fantastic step by step tutorial. Bruce breaks it down and simplifies the process and procedures so you can quickly master them and implement them in your project.!” – Stephen DavanzoThe method starts out using queries and macros and then adds an introduction to VBA PROGRAMMING. If you have never used VBA, this is an excellent introduction and a very practical example of how VBA can you life easier!  Anyone with just a very basic knowledge of Access and Excel can easily accomplish all the tasks in this course!* Videos show you every step from the initial Access tables to finished Excel report!* There is no fluff and you can go through the entire course in about 2.5 hoursFrom another Student -“This is an excellent course. Easy to follow with great explanations of what to do and why. I have learned so much and will refer back to this course. I can see this course and the information it teaches being very, very helpful in real world situations where you need to access database data in excel and use excel functionality to manipulate the data further. Awesome!” – Bronwyn WilsonThink of how much time this will save you!  Any time you need to prepare Excel files for distribution, it will only take seconds!  Using these techniques can save many hours every month!And remember – you don’t have to know anything more than the bare basics of Access and Excel to learn how to instantly send data from Access to Excel.  Click the Take This Course button and start learning right now!Another Student -“I have taken several of Bruce’s courses and they all are the same, Simply Excellent! I would take this course 2nd in his series after the Intro to Access for Excel Users. The material is for real world users that need to know how Access projects work in the real world situations. This instructor is very easy to understand and follow with a vast amount of practical experience to draw from. Enjoy!” – RodneyRequired SoftwareYou should have a subscription to Office 365 and have the full Office suite installed.