Good News!!! We are going to add 100+ more new question in upcoming days.Updated on 15 Dec 2017 – Added 10 New questions and updated some existingquestions.Updated on 2ndDec2017.Added New questions.Updated on 30th Oct 2017.New PracticeTest 4 addedMicrosoft Certification for SQL server 2016 Exam 70-761 Test series70-761 practice testThis course contain 3 Practice test for MicrosoftCertification exam 70-761 for SQL server 2016. It cover 100% of Microsoftcertification syllabus. You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems. Topics Transactions JSON XML Error Handling Aggregate function Store procedure Comman Table Expression, Views User defined functions Basic Sql statements DML DDL