Updated on 8 Jan 2018.Added 15 newquestions.Course updated on 16 Oct 2017,Added new questions in set 1 & 2 also added new question set 3.The level of questions in thispracticetest series are similar to real certification exam.Microsoft Certification for SQL server 2016 Exam 70-762Test series70-762developing sql databases practice testThis course contain 2 Practice test forMicrosoftCertificationexam 70-762 developing sql databasesfor SQL server 2016.It cover 100% of Microsoftcertification syllabus.You can find questions more on practical side,they will help you to solve your real time problems.TopicsDesign and implement a relational database schemaDesign and implement indexesDesign and implement viewsImplement columnstore indexesEnsure data integrity with constraintsCreate stored proceduresCreate triggers and user-defined functionsImplement transactionsManage isolation levelsOptimise concurrency and locking behaviourImplement memory-optimised tables and native stored proceduresOptimise statistics and indexesAnalyse and troubleshoot query plansManage performance for database instancesMonitor and trace SQL Server baseline performance metrics