Microsoft Excel: 10 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Beginners



Hi and welcome! My name is Tolan and I’m the Co-Founder of ProductivityMe. Microsoft Excel is an amazing application. Over the last 30 years, it has become the industry standard for manipulating, organizing, storing, and analyzing data in a tabular form. Whether you work in a non-profits, a start-up, a fortune 500 firm, or even government, youre bound to come across needing to know Microsoft Excel, at least a little bit, a some point in your career. Working in the consulting industry, Ive come to acknowledge the importance of Microsoft Excel. For many of us, becoming better at Microsoft Excel isnt a choice its a NECESSITY! Learning how to use the program as efficiently and effectively as possible, can save you minutes, even hours per task! What would you do with another 10, 20, 50 hours per month? In this short, easy-to-follow course, well cover ten of Excels most relevant, job-related shortcuts. These shortcuts may be simple, but they are super useful! Then, in section three of the course, well apply all ten Excel keyboard shortcuts to a real-world example. So with that, lets get started! Click the green Take This Course button today, and stop wasting your time in Microsoft Excel. Cheers, Tolan & Ryan The ProductivityMe Co-Founders